Hi all,

So glad Dave posted his sightings of Bobolinks so I didn't have to verify
that's what I was seeing before posting. I was pretty sure that's what all
the...oh, maybe 20 flocks I saw of various sizes. One had to have had 400-500
birds but most seemed to fall in the 50-200 range. the interesting part was
when I first saw them, they were flying east in a flight pattern suggestive
of Red-winged Blackbirds: slightly undulating, several flaps and a glide.
Curiosity and my monthly scrub-jay census drew me towards the beach where I
watched in amazement as a flock reached the duneline. As the flock
encountered the onshore winds, the flight pattern changed to steady wingbeats
and the birds circled, gaining altitude on the wind before heading roughly
south along the coastline. I was able to observe to different flocks do this.
Really cool.

I also saw 2 Frigatebirds and a Northern Harrier.

Elsewhere, I believe I had a imm. Baltimore Oriole. that's the only thing
that fits. I haven't seen too many orioles but it was the right size, with
the right bill and there aren't too many birds of that size and shape with
orangy-yellow coloration on the sides and belly. Also had two wingbars and
some other white streaking on the black wings. Head and throat color as best
I can describe was somewhat olive. White in the vent area if I remember
correctly. Sibley's p. 519 for a picture, somewhere in between the amount of
coloration on the first fall male and female.

Sarah Linney
Cocoa, FL
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