Keep an eye on the Bobolinks and if any land such that you can see bands,
look for colored bands and send me an email of what, when, where... Thanks so

Meanwhile, Ponce Inlet continues to be such a surprise.  On my weekly survey
yesterday, I found: Roseate Spoonbill, 1 Spotted Sandpiper, 3 Short-billed
Dowitchers, 2 juvenile Great Egrets, 1 adult and one juvenile Reddish Egret,
1 Green Heron, 8 Snowy Egrets, 6 Semipalmated Plovers, 4 Least Sandpipers, 2
Black-bellied Sandpipers, 1 Willet, 6 adult and juvenile White Ibis, 2
Killdeer.  No Piping Plovers, but it was raining a good bit so we
left...probably before they got there!!

I hope folks will find their way over to the north side of the Inlet at
Lighthouse Point Park to check out the new mudflat.  Just after low tide is
the best time.  There is a mudflat just south of the new one on the other
side of the new jetty rocks.  There are crossovers so it is very easy to get
to.  I would lover your feedback when you do.

Directions:  Any direction you take into Daytona, make your way to US 1 and
come to Dunlawton Blvd and turn east, going over the Halifax River, to A1A.
Go south all the way to the end where you will come to the park toll booth.
It is the usual $3.25 fee.  Go on to the end, turn left and park.  Then go
west to the brown grassy stuff to approach the flat.  You will see a number
of Common Ground Doves as well as 50+ Mourning Doves in the grasses.  Look to
your right.  You will know where I am talking about.  You can follow the
grass or the sand all the way to the end where you will get a wonderful look
at the lighthouse as well.  Makes for some nice photogs there.

Meret Wilson
Ormond Beach, FL

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