I realize that such an innovation to the list, as allowing photos, can take
a while to iron out the wrinkles.  Some problems have come up I didn't
anticipate.  I need to get this going in a way that will be the best for all
subscribers, considering that there are some things that cannot be changed.

Please try to remember:

1.  ALL photos must be sent to me at [log in to unmask]
along with the message to be sent.   They take up too much space in the
archives to allow them to be posted randomly, at least at this time.  It may
take a little longer, but it will avert use of space unwisely.

2.  ALL photos submitted to be sent to FLBIRDS must be of FLORIDA birds, not
New Hampshire birds nor Georgia birds, nor of anywhere else, only Florida
birds.  The photograph must have been taken in Florida to assure us that it
was seen in Florida.

3.  The date and the location of the bird when photographed in Florida
should be given.  If recently seen, and if the bird is unusual, please give
directions where
others might see it.

4.  ALL photos must be submitted with messages that have a subject line that
contains PHOTO and the name of the bird and if room is available, the

5.  Try not to duplicate species previously sent.  This is a matter of
judgment and consideration should be given to the quality of the photo, the
rarity of the bird, etc.

6.  Size of the photo should not exceed 45 KB.  I have lowered the limit but
still don't have an exact size.  You can find the size of your photo by
checking "properties" of the .jpg file.  If you don't know how to do that,
let me know.  On Outlook Express, the size will show when the .jpg file is
attached.  Others will be different.

7.  Only .JPG files will be accepted.

After receiving your submission, I will notify you whether or not to submit
the photo to the list.

Please cooperate in the effort to have photos.


Barbara Passmore
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