A short list of interesting local sights today (in order of site visit):

Washington Oaks State Park (8:30AM)
  American redstart
  Worm-eating warbler

  American redstart

Faver-Dykes State Park (1PM)
  Eastern kingbird (2)
  Yellow-throated warbler (1)
  Red-eyed vireo (5)
  American redstart (3)
  Northern parula (2)
  Worm-eating warbler (3)
  Prairie warbler (2)

Vilano Boat ramp (3PM)
  Roseate spoonbill
  Caspian tern
  Short-billed dowitcher
  Semi-palmated plover
  Black-bellied plover
  Clapper rail

Hope everyone else had better luck than I did today!  Didn't make it to
Guana.....unless.....maybe later.
diane reed
st. augustine, fl.

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