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Trip Date: Sunday, September 15.2002

Departs from Ponce Inlet,Volusia County, Florida

Anticipated destination: The stepples formations, and the Gulf Stream about
50 miles off shore.

Expected species: Greater, Cory's, and Audubon's Shearwaters, Wilson's
Storm-Petrel, Brown Noddy, Sooty, Bridled and Black Terns, Red-necked and Red
Phalaropes, Pomarine, Parasitic and Long-tailed Jaegers.

The trip that was scheduled for this past Sunday, September 8th did not go
because the seas were a little too high for optimum pelagic birding. This
trip is the make up trip for that trip, But there are still a number of

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John Hintermister
Gainesville, Florida

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