Today, from 5:15 PM until 7:15 PM, we had the following birds in our
yard, including some at the mister:

Veery - 2 or 3 (first of the season for our yard)
Swainson's Thrush -1 (first of the season for our yard)

Red-eyed Vireo - 3 or 4
White-eyed Vireo - 1 or 2
Philadelphia Vireo - 1 (the first of the season for our yard, much
earlier than our other records for the yard)

Chestnut-sided Warbler - 4 to 6
Hooded Warbler - 2 (male and female)
Kentucky Warbler - 1 (We have had a very bright male Kentucky Warbler,
probably the same
    one, come for four straight days now to our mister.)

Good birding!

Dean and Sally Jue
Tallahassee, Florida
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