Hi All--

     This was the most active birding day of the fall for Ft D.----Lots of
rain which held up a lot of birds.  Following is a list of birds seen today:

        Orchard Oriole--1
        Eastern Wood Pewee--12
        Blackburnian Warbler--2
        Black and White--3
        Prothonatary W.--2
        Yellow Warbler--6
        Prairie Warbler--2
        Worm-Eating Warbler--4
        Epidonax Sp--2
        Red-Eyed Vireo--60-70
        Yellow-Throated Vireo--5
        Scarlet Tanager (F)--1
        Summer Tanager (F)--2
        Eastern Kingbird--70
        Magnificant Frigatebird--2

      Although I am not an expert on Yellow-Green Vireos (first one seen), a
number of  highly proficient birders such as Lyn Atherton and Brian Ahern
also saw the bird.

      The local weather forecast calls for possible off and on rain coming in
off the Gulf for the next 48 hours.  So, possibly, the birds may stay around
for awhile--

         Russ Kruetzman

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