Before I start our meager report, I would like to first thank the
Tallahassee and Alligator Point folks for all the help you always give me
when I decide to go over there.  Anne Turner and I headed out from Jax at 6AM
on Saturday morning and returned on Sunday at 6PM.  We chose to bypass
Tallahassee this trip due to the weather reports. It didn't start raining
until we got to SMNWR, where it really never quit raining for most of the
weekend.  St. George had a slight let up in the rain, so that gave us a
little chance to bird outside of the car.  I'll start the list with the St.
George report.  BTW, this trip was mainly for migrants, so I'll just list
that portion of the list:
  St. George (Sat 5PM and Sun 8AM)
   Yellow-billed cuckoo (>15 each day)
   Common nighthawk (1)
   Eastern kingbird (6)
   Eastern wood pewee (>8 each day calling)
   Emp. species (few)
   Veery (1)
   Yellow-throated vireo (1)
   Red-eyed vireo (many)
   Black & white warbler (2)
   Worm-eating warbler (2)
   Blue-winged warbler (3)
   Northern parula (2)
   Yellow warbler (3)
   Blackburnian warbler (2)
   Yellow-throated warbler (1)
   Chestnut-sided warbler (2)
   Prairie warbler (2)
   Ovenbird (1)
   Northern waterthrush (3)
   Hooded warbler (3)
   American redstart (2)
   Scarlet tanager (2)
   Summer tanager (1)
   Blue grosbeak (3)
   Peregrine falcon (1)
   Bald eagle (2)

Bald Point (Sat. 3-4PM rain, rain, rain)
   Emp. sp. (not calling) (3-4)
   White-eyed vireo (2)
   Red-eyed vireo (few)
   Black & white warbler (flock of >15)
   Prothonotary warbler (2)
   No. parula (2)
   Yellow warbler (3)
   Scarlet tanager (1)
   Summer tanager (1)
   Blue grosbeak (flock of >15)
   Bald eagle (imm.)

SMNWR (11-2PM rain, rain, rain)
   White-eyed vireo (2-3)
   Red-eyed vireo (many)
   Yellow-throated vireo (1)
   E. wood pewee (1)
   Veery (1)
   Yellow warbler (several)
   Black & white warbler (3)
   Worm-eating warbler (1)
   Pine warbler (1)
   Purple martin (many)
   Brown-headed nuthatches
   'White' boat-tailed grackle*

  We watched (thru the rain) a 'white grackle' hanging around with the
boat-tailed grackles.  Am making the assumption that it was a grackle as we
watched and heard it vocalizing.  Perhaps, some of the local folks have seen
it?  It was opposite the area where everyone previously visited the Tropical
Kingbird in the past. Also, had a Gray Kingbird in Panacea.
  Additionally, on the way home on Sunday around 4PM, on Highway 59 (west of
Perry) we observed 20+ common nighthawks dipping and flying over a pasture.
On the way east on Interstate 10, we observed two more occurrences of flocks
of 20+ common nighthawks in flight.

  diane reed
st. augustine, fl

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