Hi all,

Here are the totals of a trip off Ponce Inlet on Sunday, September 15:

Seas were 2 - 3 feet. Wind light out of the s-se. am some cloud cover, pm
sunny/partly cloudy. The trip ventured out to the 28 fathom line. Large
feeding flocks of birds concentrated where jacks and dolphin were tearing
through schools of bait fish.
Hilights of a pelagic trip out of Ponce Inlet today.  All birds,
excepting Sooty and Common Terns, were observed sitting on the water or
on flotsam along with observations flying and feeding.  All birds were
observed at very close range including the aforementioned terns.

Cory's Shearwater            130+
Audubon's Shearwater         40
Masked Booby                    1 adult putting on a diving feeding show
Red-necked Phalarope        3 basic plumage
Red Phalarope                    1 basic plumage
Pomarine Jaeger                  2 immatures
Common Tern                     15
Bridled Tern                        15  Adults and immatures
Sooty Tern                         18       "       "       "
Black Tern                          60

Dave Goodwin
St. Petersburg, FL
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"Quick Hoatzin, the game's afoot!"

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