Hi all,

A few offshore notes :

One neat thing we observed on the Ponce Inlet pelagic Sunday was the behavior
of two immature Pomarine Jaegers. We found a large flock of Shearwaters (40+)
sitting on the water. The two Jaegers sat with the flock and constantly took
off and attacked Audubon's Shearwaters as they would try to fly off, running
them back to the surface. The Jaegers didn't seem to pick on the big guys
(Cory's), but only the Audubon's.

The Masked Booby stayed near the boat for almost an hour, diving after food
from various altitudes near the boat. The bird would also frequently circle
around and fly over the boat checking out all the people looking up. It
followed the boat for several miles.

The only weed line we found was at the 28 fathom depth, and sure enough,
there were four phalaropes sitting on the water. We chased them around for a
while, getting great looks. When together, the Red Phalarope appears larger,
lighter, and the thicker bill is easily noted as is the unstreaked back. I
had never had the pleasure of seeing the two species in the same flock
before, especially at such close range!

An immature Bridled Tern tried several times to actually land on the boat and
then chickened (or is it terned?) out because of the people on board. I guess
the bird saw us as the biggest piece of "flotsam" around.

Also, Cory's Shearwaters love to race alongside the boat when the boat
travels at high speed.

Good birding to all,

Dave Goodwin
St. Petersburg, FL
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"Quick Hoatzin, the game's afoot!"

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