I have had three users of  the Netscape browser write me that they have
encountered trouble in trying to access the link I sent for the photos:

One person suspected it might be a Netscape problem.  After my response, he
tried Microsoft Internet Explorer which he also had on his computer, and it
was successful.  His experience shows that it is possible to have two
browsers in the event of this kind of conflict in software.

The link has been placed on many other internet pages, so it will likely
have to stay.  In the meantime, I will write to see if there is a bug that
could be fixed.

You all have received these photos originally with the messages transmitting
them and they can easily be found by doing a search in the archives for
PHOTOS and when the list containing a photo comes up, click on the name of
the photo link which is at he bottom left below  the message.  Having the
photos in the archives  is the main reason for having the photos and the
webpage is only for easy access without searching  (though no webpage is
likely as  permanent as the archives are).  Sorry if it is not "easy" for

Barbara Passmore
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