Howdee -  birded Sun from 9AM - 1PM - weather was sunny and windy.  Still
alot of standing water and mud on the trails at Guana.

At the 'pond' across from the kiosk this morning, I counted a flock of 35
Eastern Kingbirds.  Really nice to see them dipping and flying around.

Here are the warblers and others:
Northern parula
Common yellowthroat
Yellow warbler  ** very unusual find for Guana - welcome any comments on this
American redstart
Pine warbler
Yellow-throated warbler
Cape May warbler
Magnolia warbler
Black and white warbler
E. wood pewee
E. kingbirds
Red-eyed vireo
White-eyed vireo
Veery (reported by JB)

Quite a pleasurable day.

ps - thanks JB.

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