Birding slow again at Turkey Creek but the mix of species somewhat different
indicating some movement.  The 3 of us (including Courtney Carlson) found
some small isolated flocks but we really had to search for them.

7 Warbler species:
1 Tennessee
1 Chestnut-Sided
2 Black & White
7 Ovenbird
5 Yellow-Throated
5 Worm-Eating
2 N. Parula

13 Red-Eyed Vireo
 1 Yellow-Throated Vireo
 8 BGG
 1 Painted Bunting (male)
 1 Empidonax Flycatcher
 1 Summer Tanager
 1 Blue Grosbeak (heard)
 1 Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (female)

Arriving home around noon I noticed a few birds flitting around in our Live
Oak.  Closer examination revealed enough more to make it worthwhile to skip
lunch.  Numbers increased, reaching a peak about 3PM - impossible to count.
I just noted the largest number of any specie in the binoculars at one time
and enjoyed them.

11 Warbler species:
1 Blackburnian
3 Worm-Eating (seemed to be everywhere)
4 Chestnut-Sided
2 Black-Throated Blue (male & female)
1 Redstart (female)
3 N. Parula
1 Hooded (male)
2 Ovenbird
2 Yellow-Throated
3 Black & White
1 Common Yellowthroat (a rare bird for this yard)

2 Summer Tanager (female)
  Red-Eyed Vireo (many)
1 Yellow-Throated Vireo
1 Swainson's Thrush
2 Hummingbirds
  BGG (several)
1 E. Wood Pewee

Shirley & Bill Hills
Melbourne Village

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