Fellow Birders:
Stayed out until the rain, then work, allowed. There were more birds today.
Not many more, but spread out and not many in the meadow or the large Ficus
tree area of the nature trail. Several falcons were beating down the
Inter-Coastal and away from the beach area before the SE winds picked up.

11 Warbler Species

Black-Throated Blue (4 m)
Prarie (2)
Cape May (1)
Worm Eating (1)
American Redstart (several)
Ovenbird (several)
Northern Waterthrush (1)
Black and White (1)
Yellow-Throated (2)
Common Yellowthroat (1)
Palm (1 in the shrubbery accross from SRP, where I park, N side)


Red-Eyed Vireo (3)
Merlin (3)
Kestral (2)

Up the road, three miles where I work on Delray beach

Merlin (1)
Kestral (3)

Matt Reid
Coral Springs, Fl

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