Not the survey instrument itself but tool that can be used is EasyT Survey
and Assessment.


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> Subject: Assessmt Tool/Type of Tutoring needed?
> We are faced with a dilemma-- too much demand for what we can
> afford to respond to--- in our Content Tutoring Center
> (subject-area primarily peer tutoring).  Our CTC has been
> very successful in serving students, so much so that the
> word-of-mouth, self- and faculty referrals are more than we
> can handle financially.  We are seeking a mechanism/tool for
> determining the root cause of the request for tutoring:  Is
> it  low self-confidence, inadequate background in related
> field (e.g., math), poor study skills, special needs, or
> actual subject-specific issues? I suppose I am asking for the
> moon.... but is anyone out there using some sort of screening
> mechanism, relatively quick and easy, to determine just what
> level of support each tutee 'applicant' really needs???  We
> are already interviewing in order to provide a good match of
> tutor to tutee, conducted by a paraprofessional; that' hasn't
> proven to suffice. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, on
> or off-line.
> Nancy Hazzard
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> Director; Center for Academic Achievement
> Onondaga Community College
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