>A glance at the fall issue of "Forbes FYI":
>College admissions myths
>According to numerous articles, today's kids are brilliant and
>the competition for college admittance is higher than ever,
>observe Dick Teresi, a contributing editor to the magazine, and
>Janet MacFadyen, a journalist and poet.  But is getting admitted
>to college really that rough? According to the authors'
>findings: No. "After a few months of digging, we discovered the
>source of the confusion: Everybody is lying."
>College-admissions directors, the authors argue, make it their
>business to lie ("albeit in the best professional manner"). Some
>colleges skew the truth in order to seem more selective, others
>bend it to seem less so. "College per se isn't at all hard to
>get into," the authors write. The problem is that applicants are
>seeking admission to the same handful of top colleges, and those
>colleges fuel the frenzy by portraying themselves as less
>competitive than they actually are.
>The parents of today's high-school graduates "are hideous," as
>well, say the authors. They are hysterical when it comes to the
>prestige of a college, but give little or no consideration to
>the quality of its faculty, explain Mr. Teresi and Ms.
>MacFadyen. "They don't care who's teaching their kids or what
>they're being taught. Just so long as the college is high on a
>However, admissions directors and parents have not acted alone.
>High schools and the College Board have helped to perpetuate the
>myth, according the authors. "The high schools are lying about
>how smart their kids are. The College Board is juicing the
>scores of SAT's."
>The article is not online, but information about the magazine is
>available at

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