Comments on the reauthorization are solicited.

PAGE:        67 FR 59833         24-Sep-02

  AGENCY:      U.S. Department of Education (ED); Office of
               Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE)

  TOPIC:       Reauthorization of the Adult Education and Family
               Literacy Act

  ITEM:        Notice announcing a series of public meetings and
               inviting comments from the public regarding the
               reauthorization of programs under the Adult
               Education and Family Literacy Act (the Act)
               (Title II of the Workforce Investment Act of
               1998). The Act authorizes federal support to
               states to provide adult education and literacy
               services, including adult basic education, adult
               secondary education, English literacy, and family
               literacy programs of instruction. For FY 02,
               Congress appropriated $505 million for these
               grants to states. Since FY 00, Congress also has
               appropriated additional funds for grants to states
               for integrated English literacy and civics
               education services to immigrants and other limited
               English proficient populations. For FY 02, $70
               million was appropriated for this purpose.

  ACTION:      Comments are due by October 31, 2002.

               for access to electronic information.

  CONTACT:     Michael Jones, 202/205-9260.


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