Dennis' suggestion is provocative:

On Wed, 25 Sep 2002, Dennis Congos wrote:

> That brings up the dilema that if we all agreed to rename ourselves (now I =
> am in the fantasy realm), what should we be called?

I concur with his assessment that as long as the term "developmental" is
used in this context, it will be inexorably linked to "remedial."

The renaming of the developmental education profession is not an
impossible task at all.  How many of you remember going to the
"Personnel" office to get information on your health insurance, payroll,
employee handbook, etc.?  Do you still go to that office?  Or do you go to the
"Human Resources" office?  Is the manager the Personnel Director, or the
HR Director?

The human resource management profession began to change its moniker (and
its image) about 25 years ago.  It is perhaps significant to note that the
name change coincided with a paradigm shift for the profession, away from
benefits and payroll administration and toward employee performance
improvement and strategic human resource planning...

Are there parallels here?

Pat Schutz
Mesa State College

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