Hello all,

I am looking for information about what makes students successful in on line
classes.  There's tons of stuff about designing classes, pedagogy,
infrastructure, etc. etc.etc., but not much from the student end.

Of course such students need to have a certain level of computer skills; be
able to read and write reasonable well; manage time; and have the
self-discipline to meet deadlines.  But what's out there that says this

I am exploring other avenues and am aware of sites such as Lucy MacDonald's

Thanks for any leads, on list or privately.

Elizabeth B. Dewey
Student Development Specialist
Teaching/Learning Center, Delta College
University Center, MI  48710
Phone (989) 686-9587
"A university is, according to the usual designation, an alma mater, knowing
her children one by one, not a foundry, or a mint, or a treadmill."-John
Henry Newman

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