Dear colleagues:
I'm forwarding a message from Vincent Tinto at Syracuse University. You
may have attended his keynote address at NADE in Louisville.  Tinto's
research on retention informs both developmental education and learning
communities activity and research.  He has just been awarded a grant
from the Lumina Foundation to research what works in developmental
learning communities, both at the associate and the baccalaureate
levels.  If you are interested, please contact Dr. Tinto directly (see
contact information below).  Please do not respond to me or to the

This is a wonderful opportunity to highlight the good things happening
in developmental learning communities.  Please consider being a part of
this project.

Jane Neuburger

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    Dear Colleague:

We need your help.  We have just received funding from the Lumina
Foundation for Education for a multi-year study of learning
for under-prepared college students in two and four-year colleges (see
attached document in pdf format).  The quantitative and qualitative
study calls for a sample of twenty (20) developmental education
community programs, ten in public two-year colleges and ten in
colleges or universities.  As best we can, we wish to have the study
reflect the full range of programs that now dot the higher educational
landscape. The intent of the project is to highlight what works and do
so on a national scale.

Thus this request to you.  Can you recommend programs that in your
are successful in helping under-prepared students succeed in college.
If so, can you provide us details of the program and the name of a
contact person with whom we can talk about the program.  If it is a
program with which you are currently involved, can you provide us
evidence of the program works.

    Email us at  [log in to unmask]  You can also send materials to:

    Learning Communities Project
    Higher Education Program
    School of Education
    350 Huntington Hall
    Syracuse University
    Syracuse, NY 13244-2340

Jane A. Neuburger
Director, Learning Resource Center
Syracuse University
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Syracuse NY 13244-2320
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