Hi Leticia,

Florida has a site for best practices in higher education.  You may
want to look there for information.

We run a successful summer bridge program called the Pegasus Success
Program.  Below is a description:

The Pegasus Success Program is a collaborative learning community that
focuses on an integrating curriculum, interdisciplinary courses, and
personal growth activities to provide a strong foundation to inspire
students to achieve their full potential.  It is a specialized 6-week
early entry program offered to high-risk students who attend during the
summer before their freshman year. These students' high school grades or
standardized test scores place them just below UCF admission standards.
Historically, these students categorized as "academically at-risk" and
were denied access to the university.  Under the Pegasus Success
Program, the Undergraduate Admissions office admits students to UCF on a
provisional basis for the six-week program through the Pegasus Success
Program.  Once students accept admission into the program, a member of
the Student Academic Resource Center (SARC) team provides basic program
information.  Students participate in a mandatory 2-day university-wide
orientation, 1-day Pegasus Success Program overview, meet the SARC
staff, and receive their course schedules, workshop schedules, and
weekly advising times. Before entering the program students must sign an
agreement indicating that they will participate in all classes, follow
program guidelines, and attend Pegasus Success Program activities.
During the 6-week summer program, all Pegasus Success students must
complete two college-level classes (6 semester credit hours) with a
grade of C or better in each class in order to continue their enrollment
at UCF in the fall.  All Pegasus Success students must participate in
the weekly academic support programs specifically designated to upgrade
their learning skills to succeed in college level academics.  Pegasus
Success students are encouraged to live on campus during the six week
summer term.  These students are assigned to live as a group in a
pre-assigned residence hall to enhance the concept of a learning
community.  To ensure student success in meeting requirements for fall
enrollment, Pegasus Success students cannot be employed during the six
weeks summer term.
94% of the Pegasus persist and enroll in their second semester vs.about
88% of regular freshmen.

Best wishes............


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