You are right about orientation. Since I teach study skills online and this
is frequently the first online course that students take, I think I should
get EXTRA pay for providing orientation to online learning for ALL the other

However, I DO provide THREE alternatives for orientation.

1. Online orientation - Yes students receive a quiz on this!!

2. VIDEO (cassette) orientation - check out from the library or have sent to

3. Hands on orientation held at the end of the first week on a Saturday.  I
make this long enough to do the orientation AND all the first week's work to
get students in line with the rest of the class to begin week two.  Yes,
students have to come to campus for this.  Some students have chosen this
option and driven 4 hours one way.

Lucy MacDonald
In a message dated 9/17/02 11:07:27 PM, [log in to unmask] writes:

>i Liz-
>One of the biggest needs I see for students who are taking online courses
>ORIENTATION!  This form of study is very different than sitting in a
>classroom with a professor.  How to become an active member in an online
>course is something many of these students take several weeks to figure
>By the time they've figured out how to be a successful online student,
>have lost time and possibly received a lower grade for the first two weeks!
>Just my thought-
>Pat McCurdy
>Cayuga Community College

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