Hi Nancy,

We're just over at SUNY Oneonta, so I thought I'd send you my two cents

We currently run a database program that we built in-house that does the type
of screening you're likely looking for.  We built it based on an example we
found on-line:  This one is
from Virginia Tech; it is free for the public to use, and we used to
administer it to each student who came in, and then we'd look it over.  Now we
have them do a similar survey; their answers now feed into a database that
reads the results for us to tell us if they're at risk.

Good luck!
Amy Crouse-Powers
Learning Support Services
SUNY College at Oneonta

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>We are faced with a dilemma-- too much demand for what we can afford to
respond to--- in our Content Tutoring Center (subject-area primarily peer
tutoring).  Our CTC has been very successful in serving students, so much so
that the word-of-mouth,
>self- and faculty referrals are more than we can handle financially.  We are
seeking a mechanism/tool for determining the root cause of the request for
tutoring:  Is it  low self-confidence, inadequate background in related field
(e.g., math), poor
>study skills, special needs, or actual subject-specific issues?
>I suppose I am asking for the moon.... but is anyone out there using some
sort of screening mechanism, relatively quick and easy, to determine just what
level of support each tutee 'applicant' really needs???  We are already
interviewing in order
>to provide a good match of tutor to tutee, conducted by a paraprofessional;
that' hasn't proven to suffice.
>Thanks in advance for any suggestions, on or off-line.
>Nancy Hazzard
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>Director; Center for Academic Achievement
>Onondaga Community College
>Syracuse, NY  13215
>(315) 498-2426 or 2507
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