We pay our tutors to attend training/staff meetings about 5 times a
semester (5 hours total).  I have set up the training program so that
much of it is individualized.  They can work on it during shifts that
are slow, or o their own time.  I've not been specific about whether or
not they charge me for time they spend on tutor training, but I would
expect to pay them something.  Most of their training is done during
regular work hours.  Unfortunately, few complete a level of training in
one semester because the lab is so busy.

I really like your idea of paying a stipend.  I think it sounds fair.  I
might actually get more trained tutors with that approach than I am
getting now.

We do attach a pay raise to achieving the second level (CRLA) of
training, plus they have to pass a higher level math test.  The
incentive doesn't seem to be enough to encourage tutors to complete that
much training.  They are very busy.

Let me know what you decide and how it works.


Kathryn Van Wagoner
Coordinator, Math Tutorial Services
Utah Valley State College

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Do you pay your students to attend tutor training? If you do pay them is
it the regular hourly rate that you would pay for tutoring time?

We have always paid our students but our budget is so tight we are
considering paying a stipend for completing the training (which would be
less than the price of hourly rate) or not paying for the training but
moving tutors to a higher pay rate when training is complete.

We are trying to balance what is fair and ethical with what we can
afford and would welcome your comments and suggestions.  Thanks!!

Sue Knight
Learning Assistance
Alfred State College
Alfred, NY 14802
(607) 587-4121

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