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I address this question especially to those who teach remedial math,
reading, or writing at the two-year college level.  Recently we have
been asked for input concerning a possible review of summer scheduling
for course offerings.  We now offer 3-semester hour courses in
preparatory math and writing, and 4-semester hour courses in preparatory
reading & study skills.  Until now we have offered these courses for the
full eight weeks of our regular summer terms.  Now discussion is under
way to determine whether any of these courses would be suitable for
offering in a more accelerated scheduling option: for example, two
five-week sessions offering consecutive prep-level courses.  Another
possibility would be to set aside some sections for a five-week schedule
in the summer, even if not tied to the next course in sequence for the
next five weeks.

Our main concern is whether the accelerated pace might defeat the
purpose of effectively teaching our students, who already face a reduced
time frame in the summer.

Please let me know whether your school offers these developmental
courses for the full summer term, or modifies the schedule to offer them
in a reduced time frame.  For those who have offered such courses at an
accelerated summer pace, please let me know what your results have

Your prompt response would be most helpful and appreciated!


Bob LeMaire

Professor-Math & Reading/Study Skills
Kankakee Community College
Kankakee, Illinois  60901
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