We have a 2-unit Tutor Training class that has been offered for credit
for many years.  Our recent course revisions are in the process of being
approved by the curriculum committee, and final approval is expected at
the next meeting.  The course is not transferable to 4-year

The class involves much role-playing as well as small group discussion
and practice, although actual tutoring is not required during the
course.  However, we do allow our tutor trainees to being tutoring
mid-semester while they are concurrently enrolled in the class.  That
way, they are able to bring real-life problems, situations, or questions
back to the class for discussion.  They are hired as tutors and are paid
for this work, but it must not conflict with their scheduled classes.

If you are interested in the course outline, please email me off list at
the address below, and I will respond individually.

Marcia Krull
Learning Center Coordinator
Mt. San Jacinto Community College
San Jacinto, CA 92583
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