I've noticed an increase in the number of publications focusing on assessment.  You might want to check with Jossey-Bass to send their most recent listings.

Miguel Angel Acosta

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> Dear Shana, I notice this is the second time you have posted this request
> for information, so I conclude that maybe you are not getting as much
> data as you want. I am interested in evaluation and assessment, but i am
> just getting into the field of developmental educationand, and I do not
> have good connections with the local learning centers. I teach basic
> writing part-time for a junior college on the campus of the local
> four-year research institute, and am about half way through an on-line
> course MA in Dev Ed from National-Louis University.
> Given those restrictions, I wonder how I could help you, and I have this
> idea. You make a (kind of) questionnaire. You list the assessments you
> have located so far along with some kind of Likert scale rating system as
> for example:
> Assessment  Donā??t use, not satisfactory to very satisfactory
> instrument X
> That way I (and maybe others) could appraoch the learning centers on the
> campus of the local universities and quickly interview the director by
> means of your questionnaire check-list. If the respondent says they
> donā??t like instrument X, then I could ask why. If they say they like
> instrument X, I could also ask why, and either way I could send you the
> data. You could also include a question about any instruments they use
> not on your list. That way you would have documented proof of the
> instrument in use plus evidence of what users thought were the strengths
> and weaknesses plus any additional instruments. And I who have no real
> connection with any LC or knowledge of the current assessments
> instruments could still gather the data that would help you move your
> dissertation along.
> What do you think?
> Dale Griffee
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