Yes, we have that issue here at our little school.  Very frustrating.  I try to tell them to be very particular of their hours...Too much paperwork for us to continuously reschedule.  I also get students who request a tutor and then never check the message board, miss their first two appointments, and I have to drop them.  Then they come back and say they never had their requests filled.  Even more frustrating because I have to  provide services for them.  Once again, more paperwork for the Tutor Coordinator.

So, hmm, I do not have any resolutions for you at this time.  Perhaps a little empathy.  Let's see what others have to say.

Have a great day!

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> Hi all,
> As the peer tutoring coordinator of a community college, one of the problems that I am experiencing this fall is that students are coming back once they have been scheduled with a tutor and telling me that they can't be here at the time they are scheduled and they need a new day and time.  They have had a variety of excuses: my schedule changed, my work schedule changed, my carpool times have changed, I am in class at that time, I must have put down the wrong times I had available, etc.  Has anyone else ever had this problem?  I have a sign hanging up that states for them to consider carefully the hours that they say they are available on their request forms.  In the past I would always have a few change requests but never a many as I have had this fall.  It has become a real headache because of budget cuts, I have less hours to work with for tutoring purposes and then students want a time that is more convenient for them.
> I have considered a more automated system of scheduling, but I don't think it would ever work at our school.  There are just too many variables out there when it comes tutor/student scheduling.  Or am I being too flexible with the students?  I figure that the more convienct it is for them the more likely they are to show up for tutoring.
> Does anyone else have thoughts on this topic?
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