It appears to me that as long as there is a general perception that developmental and remedial are synonymous or nearly so, that no matter how hard we try to change the perceptions of the world, we have chosen to fight a battle that we can't win.  There have been many lengthy and sometimes heated discussions in the past about using the label "developmental" vs. somethign else.   There were many who warned that we were doomed to be lumped with remedial out side of the profession if we stuck with "developmental."  As all can see, these predictions have become true as made evident by the concern arising repeatedly every year.
Our leaders and many of our colleagues insisted in the past that we use the term "develomental" for what we do and inside the profession, it is distinctly different than "remedial."  But coming out of the clouds of fantasy and should's and facing what exists in the world of reality, developmental and remedial are perceived as synonymous or nearly so and as long as we insist on calling ourselves developmental educators, much of the real world will continue to see us as remedial educators.  I wish it was not this way, but it appears to be.
That brings up the dilema that if we all agreed to rename ourselves (now I am in the fantasy realm), what should we be called?
Best wishes to all..........................
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