Whilst John is technically correct about the ISO standard superceding the AS
4390 title, it is clear that the Australian original will not become
redundant any time soon.  The State Records Authority of NSW and the
National Archives of Australia continue to officially endorse both of these
standards as models of best practice.  Indeed State Records specifically
references the Australian Standard in a post-ISO document providing
guidelines on counter disaster strategies.

As I found in my comparative analysis of the two Standards [prompted by a
review of references to AS 4390 in standard contract specification documents
for infrastructure providers] a number of definitions and some practical
guidance have not been translated from the Australian document into the
international one.  Some local terminology has also been sacrificed and some
readers may well prefer the way that several concepts are described in the
Australian version.  As far as my exercise was concerned I was not always
able to cite ISO counterparts to the passages cited from AS 4390 (especially
material contained in appendices).

Even though Standards Australia views AS 4390 as a superceded title they
will continue to offer it for sale.  I understand that SA will be releasing
a reference document about the two standards sometime in 2003.  Whilst the
content of ISO 15489 is similar to AS 4390 its structure is very different -
instead of six thematic parts it is split into two.  High level requirements
are contained in the first part and these are cross referenced to guidelines
in the second.

As far as the content that Chris Campbell was identifying in AS 4390 is
concerned, there is content in the guidelines section of ISO document that
matches pretty closely - see s4.2.2 in particular.


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> My organisation uses a thesaurus as a key tool for managing electronic
> documents within its Electronic Document Management System.  There are
> good, workable methods for records classification and thesaurus
> development in the Australian Records Management Standard AS
> 4390 part 4
> (available from Standards Australia, Box 1055, Strathfield, NSW 2135,
> Australia).
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> Chris
> Australian Standard AS 4390 has been replaced by
> International Standard for
> records management - ISO 15489.  You should be able to obtain
> a copy from
> any of the national standards setting bodies worldwide
> (Standards Australia
> being one of them)
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