A while back, somebody traced the origins of the seven year rule to biblical
times. You might try tracking the article down. Rumor has it that PA was
just starting out in business when the rule was first put to stone. You
might check with him. Others that might know all attended the list party and
their recollections would have to be viewed with critical and even severe
suspicion for some time.

Chris Flynn

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Subject: The Devil Is In the E-mail????

Good Morning ListServe,

I just read an interesting article from Peter's RAIN 0929 Weekly Update,
on the ever-growing problems associated with storing e-mail, and came
across the following statement in that article:

"Unlike the US, where it is law that e-mail be archived for up to seven
years, Australia does not have legislation covering retrieval."

This article is entitled "The Devil Is In the E-mail," and is found at
then following URL:

Does anyone know what this US law is?


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