I looked up Nonags ( under their "email sending" category and there are several programs you
could use to send newsletters from your own PC.

One such is Newscast ( which however only sends text files, so if you are into fancy HTML stuff
it won't do. But Newscast does read from an ASCII list of addresses, which
you can export from Excel or your database system or wherever you keep the
membership lists.

Some of the programs listed on Nonags will only send messages one at a
time, deliberately slow to prevent you spamming. Others appear to let you
too join the spamming generators!

For the sort of traffic volume you mention, these freeware programs could
be the way to go if you don't want to battle with Outlook and bcc's (at
home I use Eudora for the same reason we use Lotus Notes at work - less
virus susceptability).



Glenn Sanders
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