Been on vacation and just found this thread.
I have used Access for years. Yes, it is kind of grind. My recommendation
would be to purchase an out of the box solution if you can. If you are
unable to purchase one of the many fine products available, Access is a
serviceable alternative. Back when Bill still ran the company there was
little support available for Access. This no longer the case and I think
that a competent techy wannabe can succeed. Keep in mind there are truly
size limitation with Access. If you need something robust buy a solution.
There is also a Access list serve that can be a great resource. Barring that
Terry Abraham is probably the great Guru of Access, hunt him down.

Chris Flynn

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I would agree with Stephen's comments about MS-Access except for the

"MS-Access will never be a commercial-grade  RM tool, but it sure
helps you
prepare for kicking the tires and looking under the hood when you're
chartered with buying one."

By commercial grade, I think he could mean two things.  One is that it
is not a viable product for managing records.  And to that I would
have to disagree and his statement could be misunderstood in that
manner.  The second is that it is not robust enough to handle a large
enterprise wide records management system with numerous simultaneous
users across varied platforms - I would agree with that.

However, there are numerous applications, such as individual file
rooms with 100,000+ files, corporate or commercial records centers, or
local government records systems that MS-Access is a  great solution
for.  These do not require a SQL or Oracle database or the expertise
required to run them.

Because MS-Access is so easy to get started with, some people only
learn enough to get by with their current situation and then assume
MS-Access isn't capable of much more.  But a professional programmer
can take the same tool and make a very robust software package.  I
would like to invite anyone who has an interest in seeing the
capabilities of a records management tool programmed using MS-Access
to visit our booth in New Orleans.


Rob Perry, CRM
Waterfall Enterprises, LLC

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