I doubt that you could validly claim that ANY of the versions you refer to
are "original".  The original (there can only ever have been one) existed
some time ago on the workstation of some cartographer or other map-maker.
All you have, in electronic form, is copies.  The "trick" is to prove that
the copies you are interested in are authentic copies.  I would be much more
concerned at the controls (e.g. audit trails in particular) on your "old"
system, your "new" system, and the conversion process.

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> Subject: Are there any laws with provisions on retaining file size when
moving data from one system to another
> I need to know if there are any laws out there that deal with
> retaining
> original file size when moving the data from one system to
> another.  For
> example:  If I have an e-size map in its original form and it
> prints e-size,
> but when this map is moved over to another system it now fits
> and prints on
> legal size paper. Is this map considered not being the original?
> Thank You,
> Carol F. Duran
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