I would agree with Stephen's comments about MS-Access except for the

"MS-Access will never be a commercial-grade  RM tool, but it sure
helps you
prepare for kicking the tires and looking under the hood when you're
chartered with buying one."

By commercial grade, I think he could mean two things.  One is that it
is not a viable product for managing records.  And to that I would
have to disagree and his statement could be misunderstood in that
manner.  The second is that it is not robust enough to handle a large
enterprise wide records management system with numerous simultaneous
users across varied platforms - I would agree with that.

However, there are numerous applications, such as individual file
rooms with 100,000+ files, corporate or commercial records centers, or
local government records systems that MS-Access is a  great solution
for.  These do not require a SQL or Oracle database or the expertise
required to run them.

Because MS-Access is so easy to get started with, some people only
learn enough to get by with their current situation and then assume
MS-Access isn't capable of much more.  But a professional programmer
can take the same tool and make a very robust software package.  I
would like to invite anyone who has an interest in seeing the
capabilities of a records management tool programmed using MS-Access
to visit our booth in New Orleans.


Rob Perry, CRM
Waterfall Enterprises, LLC

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