Sorry, but I am going to have to disagree with your points and assume
you don't like Microsoft for some reason.

Mike said "I think it is important to add some Caveats to using
MS-Access as a
Database, records management or any other purpose. Security is a major
with Access. Rob is correct in saying it can be used in certain
It is a great tool with tremendous potential, however, within a LAN /
environment accessible by many people it is important to understand it
not a secure environment."

There are two levels of security.  First is through MS-Access
(user/password security) which is comparable to the security of other
database management systems.  Ask any programmer who programs in
MS-Access for a living and they will have a story or two where someone
brings them a program where the passwords have been forgotten and
often all the programmer can say is "sorry but I cannot break in
either".  Second is network security where you have secure and
unsecured areas on your LAN / WAN that have nothing to do with
MS-Access.  If you put any file on an area of your network accessible
by everyone it would not be in a secure environment either.

Mike said "Also, using a software package (especially
Microsoft) and adding programming calls creates a lot of other
problems too
numerous to mention here."

I would agree with you here, that when someone writes code for
software there is the chance of creating software bugs.  But then
again if someone doesn't write code for software then you are back to
a manual paper system.

Mike said " The biggest concern is you are now locked into the
expertise of the programmer who can be gone tomorrow. :-("

This is true for all software.  If you purchase a software package,
don't own the code, and the software company goes out of business, the
programmer will be gone tomorrow.  If you purchase a software package,
own the code, but the program is written in something that is not
widely utilized, you will have to pay a lot for someone to be your
programmer.  If you purchase or create a software package utilizing
MS-Access and own the code, then you could probably find a hundred
programmers in your city that could be your programmer at a reasonable

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