Check, check, and recheck. A local, "reputable" storage facility built their facility on a flood plain and YES records were damaged.

It was put to me that storage facilities are the current Mom and Pop retirement business of the now and future. If "Mr Reputable" builds on a flood plain how much do Mom and Pop aka 'Individual' know about storing records?

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I think that part of what's missing in this equation is: does this
individual of which you speak own a warehouse or records storage facility???

There has been much said in the recent and distant pass on the Listserve
about the necessity of storing records in a controlled environment, not just
warehouse space.  In response to your request:

Tod specifically says "reputable commercial storage vendor."

Patrick said, "As with the offsite storage of any records, the company that
would be contracted with should meet generally acceptable standards for the
protection of records."

You said, "an individual who owns a warehouse is interested in
  storing some local government records."

Make sure that you don't mix apples and tangerines.

The thoughts expressed here are my own.

Trish Broud
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