As a former municipal records manager and archivist, I had no problem storing records with a reputable commercial storage vendor.  We stored about 10% of our records in an off-site commercial storage facility about 5-10 miles from the records center.  When needed a courier would deliver records, or the City's records center/archives staff would go to the off-site location to pick up the records.  They offered us a very good rates and services, and I believe they still serve my former employer.  (Jackie/Mike F. are you out there?)

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  I was wondering if anyone on the list knows of any links to on-line
  articles concerning problems/dangers of having local government records
  stored by private individuals. Apparently, it has been brought to my
  attention that an individual who owns a warehouse is interested in
  storing some local government records. This individual believes that
  they can do the task for much less than the local government records
  center. I am assisting some individuals who are proposing that these
  records not be stored with this individual, but in their secure local
  government records center. Any help would be appreciated.


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