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I've been lurking on this list for some time. Have to admit that I've never
set foot in a socialogy department, but became interested in social network
analysis through my work in KM and Communities of Practice. I also have a
strong interest in how intangible assets drive company market valuations.
Combining my interests in intangibles and social networks I'm now looking
to do some doctoral studies on and around the question of what "social
capital" means to publically listed companies? Is it only related to the
individuals in the company? Is it related to how well they alliance with
others? Is it related to corporate community programmes, environmental
responsibility, health & safety? Can we measure it? ....etc. If so, is it
correlated to market performance? Looking for any leads on who else might
be working in this area and any useful references. ..... I have seen some
of the work of Valdis Krebs which has explored the alliances angle....have
found it inspirational.

Laurence Lock Lee

Principal Knowledge Management Consultant
Computer Sciences Corporation
Selwyn St., Port Waratah NSW 2304
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