If the linkage criterion is communication contact, check:

Weiss and Jacobson, "A method for the analysis of the structure of complex
organizations,"  American Sociological Review, 1955  661-668.

Schwartz and Jacobson, "Organizational communication network analysis: the
liaison communication role," Organizational Behavior and Human Performance,
1977, 158-174; also in, Katz, Kahn, and Adams (Eds.), The Study of
Organizations, Jossey-Bass, 1980.

Weiss and Jacobson found 80% of reported communication contacts listed as
"several times daily" and of "utmost" or "great" importance were
reciprocated (i.e., "confirmed").  Schwartz and Jacobson found 78% of once
or more per day contacts were reciprocated.  Weiss and Jacobson's data was
gathered through personal interviews; Schwartz and Jacobson used
self-completing questionnaires.

Don Schwartz

At 08:13 AM 9/4/02 +0200, you wrote:
Does anyone know of network analyses using confirmed relations when
gathering data through interviews (if i says that he has a relation of some
typ to j than j needs to confirm this relation to i in his interview)?

I am especially interested in the degree of confirmation.
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