Julia Harkola's dissertation studied innovations in the construction management industry in Japan.  I don't know if she published her results, but her dissertation (from Stanford Industrial Engineering) may be worth a read. - Tom V.

Graeme Larsen wrote:

Greetings, I am a 2nd year PhD student in the UK, working in the field of Construction Management.  This is my first posting on the site, the reason being to share my ideas and gain some feedback and contacts.  I shall keep it short. My work looks at new construction methods and techniques, viewing them as innovations.  I am then wanting to understand how these are informally communicated, either at industry, organization or project level, and how this can affect their adoption or rejection etc. The UK construction industry is highly fragmented, even at project level, with a great deal of interorganizational communication needed, as well as internal organizational communications.  I have been looking at T. W. Valentes' work, and networks of diffusion among many others. However, i have not found any work that has been carried out in this context yet (except Gann broadly), and would be interested in any help, contacts or guidance.  I will be happy to mail details to those interested or who think they can help in methods etc. Regards Graeme LarsenDoctoral Researcher

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