Some more suggestions

David Knoke and James Kuklinski (1982). Network Analysis.
Beverly Hills/London/New Dehli: Sage Publications (Series:
Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences).

Personally, I found the GRADAP manual (500 pages) very useful
too. It contains some very clearly written chapters on important
network parameters:
C.J.A. Sprenger and F.N.Stokman (eds.). 1989. GRADAP - Graph
Definition and Analysis Package. Groningen (The Netherlands): iec

Also useful
Per Hage and Frank Harary. 1991. Exchange in Oceania. A Graph
Theoretic Analysis. Oxford: Clarendon Press (contains very good
introduction to the graph theoretic background, and nice
applications to exchange networks in oceania).

In German:
Schweizer, Thomas (ed). 1990. Netzwerkanalyse: Ethnologische
Perspectiven. Berlin: Reimer Verlag (contains a good overview
article on the emergence of network analysis, and some empirical
applications of network analysis by anthropologists)

Franz Urban Pappi (ed). 1987. Methoden der Netzwerkanalyse.
Muenchen: Oldenbourg Verlag.


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