In part it depends on what your fiscal office will accept for audit purposes.  We have been doing HIV research with IDUs for over 10 years now.  What we do is on the receipt we include the unique identifier and then the participant just initials the form and that is sufficient for our purposes.

Good luck - sounds like an interesting and important project.

-scott clair

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        Currently, I'm working on a project in the Caucasus, which involves
        interviewing intravenous drug users (IDUs). As part one part of baseline
        activities, the project will be conducting about 300 interviews with
        IDUs. In order to get the IDUs to participate, the project will have to
        reimburse them for their travel expenses since they are not willing to
        participate in the survey for free.

        The project will be using US govt funds (USAID) that requires a "receipt"
        of payment, which in most project this involves submitting a list of
        signatures that the particpant actually receive the payment.

        I would like to ask those of the listserv (especially those who are
        involved in HIV/AIDs research with IDUs) how to make such payments,
        obtain a receipt (of some type), and yet keep participation anonymous?

        Thanks in advance,
        Larry Dershem

        Save the Children
        Tbilisi, Georgia