I can't let the statement stand that social network analysis is only
And from the UK, at that.
Clyde Mitchell, John Barnes, Lizzie Bott -- I hope you were looking the
other way.
Prof Shipworth, pls come to the next Sunbelt Social Network conf - in
Cancun -- and you will see quants and quals (and tweeners) gambolling in
the glade -- together.


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> Subject: Re: qualitative actor network theory
> Dear Sanne,
> It would be worth thinking carefully before deciding between Actor Network
> Theory or Social Network Analysis.
> If you want a sociologically qualitative approach, then Actor Network Theory
> will be your choice (most sociologists would regard SNA as a quantitative
> approach).
> >From a model theory point of view, SNA can be either quantitative or
> qualitative depending on the properties of the network being studied.
> The best on-line sources of ANT literature are:
> &
> (although the
> latter is more on the Social Shaping of Technology (SST)).
> Given your subject is 'the organisation of the Linux community' I'm not sure
> ANT is the best method. If you were looking to study the co-evolution of the
> community and it's technology using primarily ethnographic methods, then ANT
> would be the tool of choice. For questions of structure I would have thought
> SNA more appropriate - especially given the subject area.
> Food for thought,
> David.
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> Subject: qualitative actor network theory
> Hello All,
> I have just recently subscribed to this mailing list so I'm not familiar
> with the do's and don'ts, but I suspect everybody has introduced
> themselves to eachother, so I will too.
> My name is Sanne te Meerman and I'm a student of social
> scientific information knowledge. Currently I'm writing a thesis for
> my master degree. My subject is the organisation of the Linux
> community. For this, I am searching for literature about the actor
> network theory or the social network theory, that is suitable for
> qualitative research purposes. (preferably on-line literature).
> If any of you knows where to find this, I'll be glad to know!
> many thanks,
> Sanne te Meerman