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Alexis Ferrand and Lise Mounier caried great research on confidents within the  national research on sexual behavior of the French (N=20.000) to prevent AIDS. I also know there were European comparaisons, so you may have more information if you dig a bit.

Also, I know that currently him and Geneviève Cresson are working on health confidents in a wider sense than just related to aids. You may also contact him at [log in to unmask] to ask for more information.

Here go a few references in English on networks and sexual behavior, probably they published more:

- Ferrand, A., Mounier L. "Social discourse and normative influences." in A. Spira, N. Bajos, and the ACSF Group Sexual behaviour and AIDS. Aldershot, Avebury, 1994, p.140-148.

- Ferrand A., Snijders T. "Social networks and normative tensions." in Van Campenhoudt L., Cohen M., Guizzardi G., Hauser D, (eds) Sexual interactions and HIV risk : new conceptual perspectives in European research, London, Taylor & Francis, 1997, p.6-21.

- Ferrand, A. Marquet, J. Van Campenhoudt, L. "Social Networks, normative context and sexual behaviour". in Bajos N., Hubert M., Sandfort T. (eds). Sexual behaviour and HIV AIDS in Europe. London, UCL Press, 1998, 303-327.

And also some in French in case either of you can read it:

Ferrand A. Mounier L.  Relations sexuelles et relations de confidence - Analyse de réseaux. Enquête méthodologique financée par l'ANRS. Paris, IRESCO-LAMAS, 1990.

Ferrand  A. Mounier L. "La confidence : des relations au réseau " Sociétés Contemporaines Nº 5, 1991.

Ferrand A. Mounier L. "L'échange de paroles sur la sexualité : une analyse des relations de confidences." Population, 1993, 48(5) : 1451-1476.

Ferrand, A. Mounier, L. "Paroles sociales et influences normatives", in Spira A. Bajos N. Groupe ACSF, Les comportements sexuels en France, Paris, La Documentation Française, 1993, p.171-179.

Ferrand, A. Mounier, L. Degenne A. "Relations sexuelles et relations de confidence" Sexualité et Sida. Recherche en Sciences Sociales ANRS, 1995.

Ferrand, A. "Influence des réseaux de confidence sur les relations sexuelles" in Bajos, N. Boxon, M. Ferrand, A. Giami, A. Spira, A. La sexualité aux temps du Sida. INSERM, P.U.F, 1998, p256-304.

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