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> Great day even if it did rain for thirty minutes. The drive in was
> quiet but the drive out made up for it. First time I have ever seen a
> Barn Owl and a Great Horned Owl out in the day time. Both were in the
> woods by Parker Slough. Bluebirds and Prairie and Pine Warblers
> competed to see if they could cause me to wreck my truck by flying in
> front of me . Lake Jackson was Quiet with DC Cormorants and Anhinga
> drying there wings in the rain. Kestrels seem to have taken over some
> of the power lines from the Shrikes and the Mocking Birds. All in all
> a great day!
> Bill Fisk
> St. Cloud, FL


Work done by Dr. Oscar T. (Bud) Owre et al. concluded that in the
Ahinga the wing spreading was more than drying ioless feathers but had
to do with the regulatiing of temperature. See Nature Potpourri for
Ahinga articules.


Bob Parcelles, Jr
Pinellas Park, FL
Ecologist/Ethologist, RJP Associates
CEO, PROactive Ecology Solutions Group (PESG)
Institute of Ecological and Environmental Studies (IEES)

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