I just got back from watching the godwit at Spring hill.  I have a couple
of observations to add.  First, in general I would concur with Hudsonian
(but see below).  I saw plenty of Hudsonians when I lived in the midwest
and this bird had all of the general earmarks.  Hudsonians have a very
different posture when walking than do Marbled's.  Marbled Godwits tend to
walk with its neck extended and angled slightly forward.  This bird was
more Hudsonian-like in that it walked with its neck pulled down and angled
slightly back.  The bill was about right for a Hudsonian, but at a distance
seemed maybe a bit too straight.  Size (next to a greater yellowlegs) was
about right.  The black tail (from what I saw) is consistent with Hudsonian
(or Black-tailed).  Unfortunately I did not see the underside of the
wings.  That would have clinched it.  For those of you who did see the
underwings, were they uniformly dark or was there a stripe on the underwing
as well?  The reason I ask, is that in some cases, if the lighting is not
good, even light underwings may appear dark, but they appear uniformly
dark.  A stripe on a dark underwing would firm up the Hudsonian ID.  Also,
what was the shape of the black on the tail?  Hudsonian is wider in the
center than at the sides, while Black-tailed is U-shaped.

Here' where I get stuck on the ID.  While watching the bird, I noticed that
all of the primaries were clearly marked with a distinct black spot at the
tips.  This pattern is readily apparent on a Black-tailed Godwit. (Check
out the web site below -  especially the bird on the right; good eyestripe
as well as primary spots).  Of course, if those of you who saw the
underwings got both dark wing linings and a stripe on the underside, this
is all academic.

Web site for Black-tailed

BTW, the wind last night seemed to be out of the northeast, good wind for
blowing a Black-tailed down the east coast, bad for blowing a Hudsonian out
of the midwest.

Please, keep in mind that I am not attacking anyone's ability.  I am simply
asking for more information.

Thanks for any input,

Tom Curtis
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