Someone mentioned the chimney swift flock over Tallahassee last evening.  I
saw some of it and would concur that there may have been a couple of
thousand.  The reason for this post is to mention an odd occurrence
involving swifts earlier today.  The building in which I work at FSU has a
chimney that is about 15 feet form my door.  Since I am on the top floor, I
am just slightly below the top of the chimney.  Each of the past three
summers there has been a small swift colony here, so I spend an inordinate
amount of time watching them.  For the past several weeks I have seen few
if any swifts in the area, but today about 200 hundred of them came out of
the chimney, all within about 10 minutes.  What was interesting was that
they did not come out until about 11:00 AM and then just disappeared.   In
the summer, the resident swifts are usually out not long after dawn and
circle the building all day.  The fact that the residents seem to have left
some time ago makes me wonder if the birds I saw today were from that
migrant flock last evening.  It seems to me that not long ago, someone was
asking for information on stopover spots for migrating swifts.  Maybe this
chimney qualifies.

BTW, the birds seemed a bit confused coming out of the chimney.  In fact,
one even flew right into the side of the building before taking off for
parts unknown.

Have fun,

Tom Curtis
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