Today (Sat.) in the early afternoon at the Springhill Road Sewage
Treatment Ponds in Tallahassee (just after S.P McCool had left; maybe
met him as he was walking out the door at the entrance?), Bryan Baker
and I found the LAPLAND LONGSPUR in the same area as previously
reported.  We were able to study the bird in good light as it fed along
the narrow strip of vegetation between the walkway and the
vinyl-covered side of the large pond east of the four parallel ponds.
This was approximately 1/2 along the eastern side of the pond.  After
feeding, the bird cautiously made its way to the edge of the pond and
spent at least five minutes bathing and preening.

We believe this bird is a female, since the crown is not blackish
(maybe this can vary though) and we could not see a black/dark chest
band.  The flanks were well striped (especially well seen when
preening).  The tail had definite white outer tail feathers (again easy
to see while preening, but not easy to see otherwise).  Buffy face well
marked with auricular frame.  After bathing/preening, the bird flew a
short distance into the short grass, approximately 30 feet from the

Shortly thereafter, several other birders showed up (Julie Brashears
and her parents) and, walking a picket, we were able to flush the bird
to where it landed in view.  We were then joined by Jim Cavanagh who
also got a look at the bird.

Although we spent most of our time looking for and observing the
longspur, we also noted Bonaparte's Gull and three species of swallow
(Barn, Tree, Northern Rough-winged).  We could not locate either the
Hudsonian Godwit or the Eared Grebe.

Eric Shaw
Tallahassee, FL
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