At 10:40 PM 10/19/02 -0400, DWassme1 wrote:

Today we saw a nearly white bird with long black beak and black bars on
tail at St Marks National Wildlife Refuge about 1/3 mile past the boat
ramp where the tropical/couches was seen today.  I have posted some
pictures of it on my Webshots site and ask for your help in making
a proper identification.  Our first guess is that is a common bird
showing partial albinism, but we want to be sure - so please check it

Doug Wassmer & Lilian Saul
Tampa, FL
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For four, maybe going on five years now, we've had a leucistic or partial albino (depending on your dictionary) Boat-tailed Grackle in that general area.  Your picture shows more white than I remember, but maybe it's just the angle.  I saw it last week.  It is interesting to listen to what out-of-towners call it.  Several have insisted on Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.:>).

Cheers,  Jack

Jack Dozier
Alligator Pt., FL
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